Do your home work ! We get a lot of emails from people saying that the company they hired to clean their roof did a terrible job.  All you have to do is go to the BBB  search their database for the company you want to hire. If they have negative reviews click on the negative reviews and read them. We have randomly chose a company unassociated with roof cleaning as an example.  After you read their negative reviews were pretty sure you wouldn't Patronize this business. In fact you would probably tell all your friends and family members not to go there either. Remember these reviews are from people just like yourself who have had either good or bad experiences with a company
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Revolution softwash
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  Do you have a shallow well?  Do you need water brought to your home to clean your ROOF?
We invite you to learn more about our roof cleaning service. 
Extend the life of your Roof "Clean it" 
with ALL-PRO Inc.
Cedar Shake
Rubber                                     Slate                                       Terracotta roof tiles

Quality & Service you can Trust!
 Don't let  Exterior Mold & Fungus shorten
 the life expectancy of    
        your ROOF!
  Clean It!
                              Call ALL-PRO's
  No-Pressure Roof Cleaning Co.  TODAY. . .
        Does your roof have an Ugly rust 
colored stain on it similar to this one?
 We Follow the guidelines and cleaning process recommended  by the Industries leading shingle manufactures..  and we offer a  100% Removal  with our NO-Pressure ROOF & EXTERIOR cleaning process, with  same day results guaranteed, or your money back...
Don't wait til you need a lawn mower
  If you think fungus growth on your roof is just unsightly...!
This is damage caused to a roof by lichen...
You'd better think again!
                        Smart People Have Their Roof Cleaned!
Educated People Have Their Roof Cleaned By ALL-PRO Inc.
ALL-PRO Inc. Is in compliance with all State, local & Federal agencies and abides by all laws and regulation. 
Roof & Exterior Cleaning Service
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" It's in the process
   not the pressure"
   No Damaging High-Pressure
   After       Before
After               Before
   Remember," When you want the best" Hire the Best!
Rest-a-Sure unlike other Companies out there, ALL-PRO Inc.and it's Affiliates will never pay for second & third party Positive Posted Reviews. All of our reviews are from bonafide customers...
  Why Hire The Rest, When You Can Hire The BEST! Call ALL-PRO Today!


                                        Under new Ownership

 In 2003 ALL-PRO was the first company to recognize the need for roof cleaning in the New England area.
 ALL-PRO has serviced over 540,000 clients saving million's of dollars in early roof replacement.
To Date ALL-PRO of New England has saved there customers over 30.5 Million dollars worth of roofs from an early replacement.

 Over 30% of roofs, nearly one out of every three are replaced early because the home owner was unaware that their roof could be cleaned. Roof cleaning is very affordable however the longer you wait the more the fungus grows and the more costly the cleaning will be. Neglecting to clean your roof will only cause more damage to your roof. Lichen will eat through your roof shingles like termites eat through the wood on your home

 It is best to clean it right away. Our roof cleaning service cleans MOLD, MOSS, LICHEN and ALGAE from asphalt and cedar shingles, slate, tile asbestos & metal roofs, without staining your paint and without altering the color of your roofing material, our cleanings are lasting between 5 to 7 years before fungus growth re-appears.
"A clean roof looks better and lasts longer" 
The Best
ROOF CLEANING CO. in Rhode Island 
For removal of MOLD, MOSS, LICHEN & ALGAE...
Roof cleaning in Barrington Rhode Island,Providence RI. East Providence RI.,Bristol RI. Warren RI., Seekonk Mass, Etc,
Please include the address of the property